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"I got well by talking.  Death could not get a word in edgewise, grew discouraged, and traveled on."  Louise Erdrich - Tracks (1988)
Speaking and Presentations

We provide speaking and presentations on topics including, but not limited to: 
Health Justice and Equity
Determinants of Health
Health Literacy
Life Balance and Spirituality
Parent Advocacy
Stress Management
Black Women’s Health and History

Presentation preferences:        On-site/in-person, webinar/webcast

Fee information:                      Fee range; $1,250 and up
Fees  for speaking and presentations may vary and are determined based on schedule, length of presentation, location of event, etc. Fee range is intended to serve only as a guideline.

To discuss and set dates for your events, please contact directly:
(612) 584-0215 (message)
or use the Contact Us Page.

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