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The 2019 Open Enrollment period for coverage in Medical Assistance (MA), MiinnesotaCare and Qualified Health Plans (QHP's)  is November 1, 2018 through January 13, 2019.  This adds 29 additional days during which Minnesotans can shop and compare plans to make the make the health coverage choice that is right for them. As a state-based marketplace, MNsure has authority to add a special enrollment period to give Minnesotans more time to shop.

People at certain income levels who buy individual coverage via MNsure can quality for federal tax credits that discount premium costs. People also can sign up via MNsure for coverage in the state’s Medicaid program.  Most Minnesotans qualify for financial assistance. Only through MNsure can individuals and families find out if they qualify for financial assistance that will immediately lower the cost of private health insurance.

Special enrollment period (SEP) is a time outside the annual open enrollment period when you can enroll in private health insurance if you have a "qualifying life event", like having a baby, getting married, moving to a new area, or losing other health coverage.  If you qualify for a SEP, you usually have up to 60 days following the event to enroll in a plan. If you miss that window, you have to wait until the next open enrollment period.

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