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Sex Ed Training For Youth Serving Trainers and Professionals
We offer:
  • Professional Development and Training in evidence-based comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education delivery and adaptation, specializing in teen pregnancy, HIV and STD prevention
  • Consultation in culturally competent, youth-focused sexual health program design, delivery, implementation and adaptation
  • Health Education and Promotion program design and implementation for youth and women
  • Consultation in program evaluation and assessment
  • Ongoing technical assistance and support for teen pregnancy, HIV and STD prevention programming
  • Parent-child Connectedness Seminars

Please use the form below to request Training (Train-the-Trainer),Consultation/TA (technical assistance) or Staff and Community Workshop services.
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Staff Training (train-the-trainer): Adolescent Sexual Health Curriculum and Adaptation(s)
Adolescent Sexual Health: "Making Proud Choices"
Adolescent Sexual Health: "Safer Choices"
Adolescent Sexual Health: "Streetwise to Sex-Wise"
Adolescent Sexual Health: HIV/STI Prevention 101
Curriculum Adaptation: Sexual Violence Prevention
Curriculum Adaptation: Cultural Competence
Consultancy and TA: Program Development, Implementation, Evaluation and Assessment
Adolescent Health Promotion Program Design
Healthy Youth Development programming
Youth Development program assessment & evaluation
Cultural Competence Implementation
Staff and Community Workshops
"It's That Easy; Talking to Your Child about Sex"
Health Equity: Social Determinants of Health
Working w African American Girls w Literature/Art
Cultural Competence
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Expected outcome(s): 3 Priority goals and obectives of Training, Consultation/TA or Workshops; what do you want participants to leave the session(s) with or do or do better?
Special considerations that might impact session(s); e.g., use of interpreters, extra space needed for interactive activities, pre-existing dynamics, etc.
Timeframe: in which Training, Consultation/TA or Workshops should occur; be specific about the dates, days, hours you and your staff are available.
Context/Stages of readiness levels for Training, Consultation/TA: information on prior steps taken, existing local resources and partnerships, and any plans for follow-up, etc. , (e.g., what have you done already?).
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