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Ms. Makeda Norris
Consultant, Training Specialist and Subject Matter Expert
Health and Wellness Promotion
2136 Ford Parkway
Suite 224
St. Paul MN 55116
(612) 584-0215 (message)

  • Specialized advice, technical assistance and subject matter expertise to the management and administration of non-profit organizations, agencies, non-governmental entities, governments and small businesses in planning, coordinating and implementing outreach programs and projects promoting health equity, health education and literacy and community engagement.
  • Assistance to organizations, agencies, entities and businesses in creating, changing and implementing policies and systems, environmental and social climates to improve their health and wellness programs; and
  • Development and implementation of staff training to deliver effective health promotion, education and outreach to hard-to-serve populations and teach people about behaviors leading to individual and communal wellness.

  • Bachelor’s degree in communications arts
  • Vocational training and certifications in health services with 5+ years clinical and hospital related experience
  • Demonstrated knowledge of public health principles, health promotion delivery modes and community engagement
  • 15+ years’ training and education in evaluation and quality improvement for non-profit organizations, schools and non-governmental agencies’ health and wellness programming
  • Proven ability to gather and use data for effective assessment and evaluation of health and wellness programs
  • 15+ years’ experience supervising and managing community-based non-profit programs for hard-to-reach populations
  • 10+ years’ experience providing train-the-trainer health education and promotion programs to organizational staff and community members
  • Proven ability to design and implement strategic health promotion curriculum and programs for hard-to-reach populations
  • 15+ years successful event planning
  • Proven ability to lead teams and work groups
  • 10+ years’ experience in implementing systems and policy initiative and change for social justice and equity within organizations and governmental entities
  • Excellent verbal and written communications and presentation skills
  • Proven ability to communicate effectively to and within diverse cultures and ethnic groups and individuals
  • Proficient word-processing and pc skills
  • Value confidentiality, loyalty and accountability

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