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The 2016 special enrollment period for coverage in Medical Assistance (MA) and MiinnesotaCare is ongoing through 2016.  One qualifies for special enrollment because of life changing events that alter the status of the insured - e.g., loss of a job, divorce, addition of family members through marriage, birth or adoption of (a) child(ren), death of a family member, etc.  There is no deadline for special enrollment.  However, the tax penalty for not having insurance may apply the longer one goes without being enrolled.

Most Minnesotans qualify for financial assistance. Only through MNsure can individuals and families find out if they qualify for financial assistance that will immediately lower the cost of private health insurance.

Need to enroll? Know someone who needs to enroll and avoid tax-penalty fines for 2016 - the greater of 2.5 % of the amount of any taxable income that exceeds your tax filing threshold amount, or $695 per adult and $347.50 per child (up to a maximum of $2085).

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